Saturday, 19 September 2015

Who is the real Margo? Quentin Jacbsen has spent a life time loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Speiglman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs into his life, dressed like a ninja, and summonig him for an ingenious campaign of revenge... he follows. After there all-nighter ends and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. She has disappeared. Q soon learns that there are cuses in her disappearence... and the are for him. Trailing Margo's disconnected path across the USA, the closer Q gets, the less sure he is of who he is looking for.

WOW...WOW..WOW. This book was amazing it was just so good. all the characters had very real characteristics and i could feel myself growing closer and closer to the people in the book. the story took lots of twists and turns and sometimes i would have never expected what actually happens. it is a very modern book and lotsof my freinds act the same way in real life as they do in this book. my favourite character was deffos Lacey Pemberton cos she was very caring and understands Margo in a way that the boys can't... because they are boys *mind blown* hehe, this is probably one of my fave books of all time and i have read it about 4 times already ( that doesn't seem like alot but i only got it in August) i feel like i coud understand what the characters were feeling a  different times.  - Nadia xoxox :):) 


Monday, 20 July 2015

When Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong set up a secret detective agency and Deepdean school for girls, they can't find a truly exciting mystery to investigate 

Then Hazel discover the body of the Science mistress Miss Bell-but when she and Daisy return five minutes later, the body has disappeared. Now the girls have to solve a murder,and prove it happened in the first place, before the killer strikes again 

This was such a good book, i really like historical fiction and this is set in an all girls school in the 30's and basically like a sherlock holmes for the younger reader, as in the book Daisy jokingly calls them "Sherlock and Watson". it is definitley a whodunnit and when i read a whodunnit i always try to solve the mystery before the actual characters do. my favourite character was Hazel because she was so smart and i could really connect to her with not fitting in at school until she make freinds with the most popular girl in the year Daisy Wells. They are both 13 years old and just starting third form in the school. Daisy is quite a difficult character because she can be so lovely to Hazel but she can also be so mean to her. This is an amazing book and you can get it at your local library. nadia xxxxx


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Book no.4 The Hunger Games

                           WINNING WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS
                            LOSING MEANS CERTAIN DEATH

So the ever so famous Hunger Games. I am very sorry to say that I really didn't enjoy it, now i know when you read this most of you will be screaming at the computers what do i mean i didn't like it, but hey i really didn't. it was far to dark and really full of death and sadness and hunger and violence. it was really very sad and depressing and it made me put of all the books. i hated Katniss and i don't know why she was just a character that i really didn't like and she was so... i don't know stupid. Same with Peeta the only one that i liked was gale becuse he cared alot for them all and his family. thats really all i can say, sorry it wasn't as long as the others.-Nadia xxx xxx xxx :):):):):)


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Book no.3

Midge and his pals have big plans for the summer, But a 
dangerous secret threatens to ruin it all, and time is running out... 

So, this book is set in Glasgow in Scotland in the 1960's. coming from Glasgow in Scotland i really enjoyed and understood allot of the context, whereas if you are from maybe America England Australia then you will probably be mystified about some of the words. i was not born in the 1960's so times now are way different to what they are in the book so don't expect that Glasgow then is what Glasgow is like now. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, my fave character was Hector as he is the kind of sensible on who doesn't like to be wrong ( a bit like me on a way). the bookis kind of freky in a way as it is all about time and the concept of it and i normally don't lke that kind of thing but this was suprisingly good and i didn't think i would enjoy it as much as i did. this book is vvvvvvvvvvvvvVVVVVVVV!!!! unpredictable, i normally get books and start to read and go "oh i know that is thats so 'n' so" whereas this one i had completley no clue. as you start to read on you get more into it becaus efor me at the start i was like "whaat this is rubbish " but i kept on reading and got more into it. :):):):):):) -Nadia xxxxx xxxxx 


Friday, 3 April 2015

Book no.2

Callum is a Nought- an inferior white citizenin a society controlled by the black Crosses.

Sephy is a Cross- and the daughter of one of the most powerful, ruthless men in the country.

In there hostile world, Noughts and Crosses simply don't mix. But when Sephy and Callums childhood friendship grows into a passionate love, they,re determined to find a way to be together.


This book is breathtaking, the way it is written and the way it shows the anger and heartbreak of war and split. The characters are so easy to like or dislike there is no inbetween. I have very very strong opinions about racism and predujiced and this book has so much of this and the struggle to change it that i could really relate to Sephy and Callums struggle. My fave character is Sephy, now at first you might find her a bit whiney, a bit moaney, niave, dependent on others, but thats what made me like her so much at the end, at the end she becomes a strong independant woman who has to deal with the deaths and injustice that her family hs caused the Noughts and her and her sister Minerva. I hated jude (callums big brother), he is an insensetive little !*#£#&%$ and he is he one that causes the tragic death of someone very close to Callum... but im not going to say anymore. :):):):):) xxxx xxxx -Nadia 



Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book no.1: I was Jane Austens best friend

This book was amazing. i really like books like this, with people that are real from the past. i loved all the characters in the book especially Jane. She was so lovely and outgoing and fun even when her mother was a horrid old witch. She was one of the characters i was very torn with, she could go from being a lovely dear to an old witch in seconds. Even though i loved jane alot my fave character was Eliza as she was very beautiful and exotic and loved Jane and Jenny very much. Jenny is the main part in the book and Janes cousin. She is very shy and inward and adores Jane. They both go to a AWFUL!!!!! boarding school until Mrs Austen saves them and takes the back to Steventon Manor ( where they live) Jenny loves it as she has never had any siblings and jane has seven. soon she is getting used to the amazing balls and new dresses and falls in love... and Jane is the only person who can help. 

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hi, my name is Nadia Coia and i am 13 years old. I adore to read and write, my fave book is "Paper Towns" by John Green. i also adore the movie. I am in second year of secondary ( year 8 in england and sophomore in USA) i am from Bonnie Scotland and i beleive strongly in womans rights and hope to be an activist for them one day. My dream in the future is to be a classical actress on stage or a singer. I am the ULTIMATE Fangirls and i belong to many fandoms (the PHANdom) u no basic stuff. Well thats all (for now anyway

                                          Cheers~ Nadia Coia ~ >0< ~ o-o