Sunday, 12 April 2015

Book no.4 The Hunger Games

                           WINNING WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS
                            LOSING MEANS CERTAIN DEATH

So the ever so famous Hunger Games. I am very sorry to say that I really didn't enjoy it, now i know when you read this most of you will be screaming at the computers what do i mean i didn't like it, but hey i really didn't. it was far to dark and really full of death and sadness and hunger and violence. it was really very sad and depressing and it made me put of all the books. i hated Katniss and i don't know why she was just a character that i really didn't like and she was so... i don't know stupid. Same with Peeta the only one that i liked was gale becuse he cared alot for them all and his family. thats really all i can say, sorry it wasn't as long as the others.-Nadia xxx xxx xxx :):):):):)


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