Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book no.1: I was Jane Austens best friend

This book was amazing. i really like books like this, with people that are real from the past. i loved all the characters in the book especially Jane. She was so lovely and outgoing and fun even when her mother was a horrid old witch. She was one of the characters i was very torn with, she could go from being a lovely dear to an old witch in seconds. Even though i loved jane alot my fave character was Eliza as she was very beautiful and exotic and loved Jane and Jenny very much. Jenny is the main part in the book and Janes cousin. She is very shy and inward and adores Jane. They both go to a AWFUL!!!!! boarding school until Mrs Austen saves them and takes the back to Steventon Manor ( where they live) Jenny loves it as she has never had any siblings and jane has seven. soon she is getting used to the amazing balls and new dresses and falls in love... and Jane is the only person who can help. 


  1. well done great review that really helped me pick a book

  2. aw thank you so much Bannabookworm i will visit your bloging site